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We Believe:

Young people regardless of circumstance should have the power and skills to share their stories.

Our Vision


Get to Know Us

Mountain of Youth empowers and trains young storytellers through immersive film mentorship programs, fostering authentic perspectives and amplifying diverse voices in the film industry. We aim to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young individuals, harnessing the transformative power of storytelling to provide a supportive platform for self-expression and meaningful connections.

Our Values:

 - Fostering connection amongst young people, reducing social isolation through a safe and nurturing space.


-Connecting the wider community through celebration of authentic shared stories on screen.


-Nurturing positive mental health among young people through creativity and collaboration.


-Developing confidence and resilience in young people through teamwork and community engagement.


-Investing in the development of future storytellers from diverse life experiences.


-Up-skilling youth with the tools to become strong storytellers and filmmakers.

Our Values

What are we doing now?

What’s Happening in 2023

This year we are engaged in a collaboration with 12 students from Springwood High School in a 6-month immersive film mentorship program. During this enriching experience, students are being guided through the entire production process - honing their skills in script development, casting, producing, set designing, camera operation, and directing.


Throughout this transformative journey, students are encouraged to explore their own unique stories, values, and perspectives on the world as it stands today. Their creative ideas will be woven into a short film, which will be premiered at The Edge Cinema in early December.

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